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Dachshund Colors – Patterns – Coat Types


Dachshund Coat Types


The Long-Coat is one of the three coat varieties of the dachshund dog, the other two are the Smooth Coat and the Wire Coat each with their own characteristics. These little dogs come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Some say that the Long-Coat type of dachshund is the quieter and gentler of the three varieties, but this depends on the individual dog, the long haired is also the aristocratic of the dachshunds with a dignified appearance, charming and affectionate nature. The coat of this variety of dachshund is similar to an Irish setter very slightly wavy, soft and shiny, longer on the underside of the body the ears and behind the legs, the hair should be the longest length on the underside of the tail forming a flag, shortest hair is down the dogs back.

Get to know the Long Haired Dachshund with his beautiful coat and noble expression
(Give a Long Hair a chance to be part of your family)

The long haired dachshund is thought to be the smooth haired dachshund crossed with breeds like spaniels or German Stoberhund. They are majestic and absolutely gorgeous! Once you have one, you’ll want 2, 3, or even more!

Longhaired Dachshunds tend to be the quietest and sweetest-natured (probably stemming from their spaniel heritage).

Long-haired Dachshunds were bred with German spaniels to create the long, flowing hair. Their fur is soft and silky, and grows longest on their neck, chest, ears and legs. The longest fur grows on their tail and fans out like a flag. Miniature Long-haired Dachshunds come in an assorted range of colors and patterns from one colored, red or cream or two colored including chocolate, black, tan, red, fawn and grey, dappled or brindle pattern.

So, while Miniature Long-haired Dachshunds are small, they are not just lap dogs. They require a moderate amount of exercise and interaction to be happy members of the family. Some breeders claim that the Miniature Long-haired Dachshunds are calmer than their relatives as a result of the spaniel traits in their lineage, but they still need to be an active member of your family to be happy.


bullet1Short-Coat (Smooth)

This little dogs coat is short, dense, shiny and feels soft like velvet, they are easy to care for, with minimum shedding, with a tapered pointed tail. It has been noted that although all types of dachshunds share many common temperament traits, the smooth coats seems to become more attached to one certain member of the family, but still shows a high degree of independence, they are usually friendly and outgoing, very loveable and make excellent family pets.


The wire haired doxie has a double coat consisting of a soft short under coat with a course fur top coat. The under coat needs to be stripped three times a year to remove dead hair to allow regrowth. The Wire haired shows characteristics of both the hound and the terrier breed and make a faithful, energetic, family pet.


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Dachshund Colors

Red – can range in color from a light golden red, to a deeper dark mahogany color.

Black – has a shiny black colored coat with no tan or cream colored points.

Black and Tan – is mostly black with tan points above the eyes, around the nose/muzzle, on their feet, chest and
under the tail.

Black and Cream – mostly black with cream points above the eyes, around the nose/muzzle, on their fee, chest and
under the tail.

Blue – is a dilution of the black dachshund. They have a rich gray color, which some have described as a gunmetal blue, or a steel gray. Solid blue dachshunds
has no tan or cream colored points.

Blue and Tan – mostly blue with cream colored points above the eyes, around the nose/muzzle, on their feet, chest and
under the tail.

Chocolate – will have a solid dark chocolate-brown coat without any tan or cream colored markings.

Chocolate and Tan – is mostly a dark chocolate-brown color with tan points above the eyes, around the nose/muzzle,
on their feet, chest, and under the tail.

Chocolate and Cream – mostly a dark chocolate-brown color with cream colored points above the eyes, around the nose/muzzle, on their feet, chest, and under the tail.

Cream – ha a solid, beautiful, light to golden blond coat, with no hint of red.

Isabella (Fawn) – is a dilution of the Chocolate Dachshund, making the coat a solid, beautiful, light silvery-brown color.

Isabella (Fawn) and Cream – is mostly light silvery-brown with cream colored points above the eyes, around the nose/muzzle, on their feet, chest, and under the tail.

Wheaton – this color occurs almost exclusively in Wire-Haired Dachshunds, but in rare instances it can occur in a smoothcoat. Wheaton Dachshunds have a lovely blend of white and golden blond hairs, very similar in appearance to that of the Cream.

Wild Boar – is most common in the Wire Haired Dachshund, although it can also occur in Smooth Coats. The Wild Boar Dachshund has single strands of hair banded with three colors. These can be cream, red, gray, or black. The black color always appears at the hair tip, giving them a dark appearance from a distance.


Dachshund Patterns

Dapple – (One-of-a-Kind, No Two Alike) come in a variety of colors. Will have lighter patches of coloring (dappling) on top of the self color, creating a beautiful speckled, or patched, pattern. The size and quantity of the patches will vary from dachshund to dachshund. They can one or both eyes blue. The dapple pattern is very prominent in certain self colors, such as the Black and Tan, which presents with stunning silver-gray patches.

Double Dapple – will usually have large areas of white over a dappled self color, as mentioned above. Some Double Dapples appear almost completely white, with just a small amount of the dappled self color showing through. Ticking which is small dots (freckles) may or may not be present. One or both eyes can be partially or completely blue. Similar to the Dappled Piebald Dachshund, without the risks.

Piebald – will have areas of the self color showing through a white background. The amount of white showing can vary from just a few small patches, to being almost completely white. Ticking may or may not be present.

Brindle – will have dark tiger or zebra-like stripes over the self color. In darker colored dachshunds, like the Black and Tan, the Brindle pattern will only be visible in the lighter tan areas.

Sable – is somewhat rare and occurs almost exclusively in Red Long-Haired Dachshunds. A Sable Dachshund has individual hairs that are banded with two colors. Typically the hair is red at the base of the strand, and black on the hair tips. From a distance they look almost black.




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