Planned Litters


                      Planned Litters
Puppy selections are made by my predeposits – First-Come, First-Served.
If any puppies become available they will be posted on my website.

Adults available for Adoption.

a-doxie-pink-heart-divider Next Litter(s) Due
I have litters due; two shorthairs and one longhair
Due around FEBRUARY 9 & 15th, 2022
Selections will be made by my predeposits.

Rosie-Ivery and TBone


Dottie and Chewie

Velvet and Chewie



PRE-Deposit List
Selections are made in the order the deposit was received (first-come-first-served).
Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.
When a deposit is made it will be applied towards ANY upcoming litters and the purchase price.
If you are not flexible with your color selection you might not want to leave a deposit.
I can not guarantee that I will have the color you are looking for.
Please make sure you are aware of my prices, prior to leaving a deposit.

Note: If you are not sure about longhair puppies; they tend to be calmer, don’t need to go to the groomers, and don’t shed very much.

This list was updated on Jan 7, 2022
1. Michelle P. = Female, Piebald or Dapple (LH)
2. Mikayla C. = Female, Dapple (SC)
3. Zarina D. = Male/female, Cream, Fawn, Chocolate/Tan, Wheaton, Solid or Dapple (LH)
4. Lindsay M. = Female, any color (LH)
5. Victoria T. = Female, Dapple, Blue (LH)
6. Norma S. = Male/Female, Dapple of Pie (LH)
7. Candace N. = Male, (SC/LH)
8. Jaclyn S. = Male, Blue or Chocolate Dapple
9. Jasmine T. = Male, Isabella Dapple (LH)
10. Victoria C. = Female, Blue/Grey or Black/Grey (SC)
11. Melissa L. = Female, any color (LH)
12. Nina H. = Male, any color (LH)
13. Zane O. = Female, Dapple
14. Bonnie H. = 2 pups Male/Female
15. Jake M. = Female, Black/Tan (SC)
16. Kelly Z. = Female, Dapple any color(besides Isabella/fawn) (SC)
17. Donald E. = Male, Dapple (LH)



I no longer keep a waitlist, only a Pre-deposit list.
Please visit my website
for updates on Available Puppies.


PRE-DEPOSITS are Non-Refundable

If you would like to be notified when puppies are born and want priority on selecting your new fur baby, then a Pre-Deposit of $200 is best.
The deposit will be applied towards the purchase price and is
Non-Refundable, it can be placed towards a future puppy,
or if you decide to cancel you will forfeit your deposit.
Breeder reserves the right to First Pick of the Litter.


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