Happy Owners

Over the years we have had many happy puppy owners stay in touch and have either sent us their puppy pictures and/or have written to let us know how happy they were with their new forever companions.  So we decided to start sharing some of their comments, stories and pictures with you.  We feel very fortunate and blessed to have given our precious babies to people that have opened their hearts and their loving homes.

Please send us your comments, stories and/or pictures so that we can share them with everyone, we would love to hear from you.

Each day is a gift from God that you spend together, please enjoy each moment and treasure the memories you make.

You are the ones that make this so rewarding – Thank you!


Thank you to those that have either emailed or called to say glad to see you back – 2017.



Hey Yolanda, just wanted to give you an update on Buster. Tony and I attended the dog show at the Cow Palace Sunday. We brought Buster with us in our doggie stroller. All I can say is wow. I have been to many dog shows and even shown dogs in them. We were flocked by so many people the whole time we were there! I felt like we had a celebrity in the stroller. People where taking pictures with cameras as well as phone cameras. It was so funny. We had a hard time looking around. We were asked a lot of questions about his color. We got a lot of positive feed back on his markings. The few people who knew of the piebald color where blown away with his markings and color.

Buster was such a ham for the cameras. He made people go crazy with his adorable expressions. He thinks his other name is “Oh how cute”. Tony was even getting a little over whelmed. We finally had to cover him up so we could leave. I have never been approached by so many people before. It’s time to get him chipped.

I must say that was quite the experience and I wanted to share it with you. I will say Buster is use to the camera. Even when we go to the pet supply store it’s not uncommon for people to take pictures of him. When he rides in the stiller with the older girls the cameras come out as well.

Yolanda you have done a great job with your puppies, not only in their looks and colors but their personalities as well. I have never had an easier time training a dog before and believe me you I have trained many. I might have mentioned this before that I worked with a friend who is an exceptional trainer. We’ve done many fun match dog shows, carting and regular dog shows as well as tracking and many local parades. I had a Rotty that was amazing. He did it all!! I even taught him in German. All my training is done with positive reinforcement. Never loud or negative words.

My two older dachshunds know a few tricks but not many. As you know many Dachshunds have a mind of their own. I decided that my girls would be companions and I would not force something on them that they did not enjoy, which was fine.

Buster has opened new doors for me. I gave him a road test just to see how he would do. He blew my socks off. In his young life he has already learned so much which I mentioned in my last Email to you. I have never had such a young pup so eager to please. It’s almost scary. We are learning to walk on leash, next will be heal work. I will never push him beyond his limits. I don’t believe in that. But I do think there are not going to be any limits as far as Buster is concerned. He’s just to smart and is eager to please.


Thank you Yolanda again for letting me have the opportunity to enjoy your wonderful breeding. Keep up the good work. Your dogs will make many very happy. Sorry for the long email it was supposed to be just a short note. I tend to get carried away when talking about Buster. The dog Show was a good place for me to be this last weekend lol. Take care…..

Joyce & Buster


Olive and I have a strong bond and she truly makes me smile everyday.  I don’t go anywhere without her from going to work to my nail appts.
I can’t thank you enough for giving me such a wonderful girl who is so happy, loving, and has the biggest personality.  Jaime


This is Rosie, we love her so much! Her coloring is so rare!  Wendy & John


Good Morning!
I just wanted to send updated pictures of our sweet girl we bought from you almost 8 years ago! Belle is happy and healthy and very well loved!
She has traveled all over the USA, she loves toys, blankets and snuggles. Her weight is right at 10lbs. She’s allergic to metal and hates the cold and rain. Her birthday is 1/29/2013.
Have a great day!


We absolutely love him!!!  Jack did great for his first night.  He has warmed up so quickly. Thank you for adding such joy to our family. Thanks so much Yolanda. – Brittany


Chewie is doing great. He loves belly rubs and graduated from level one training today. We are working on socializing him with dogs. He likes people and only barks cause he wants them to touch him. – T family


dividerHi Yolanda!!  We thought you would get a kick out of these photos of your baby. He’s doing great and growing so fast! Thank you again for making him part of our family. Lola


Hi Yolanda!
Hope all is well.  Aria, now Queenie is doing very well! She is just so precious, we love her so much.  Blue wasn’t a fan the first day but he’s learning she’s here to stay lol.

Aria and Blue


The whole family loves him – from Abel.


Hi Yolanda,

We just wanted to send you an update about Albie’s (formerly Caleb’s) first week with us! The first half of the car ride home was a little rough. He was whining nonstop, and the only thing that calmed him down was looking out the window and watching the trees go by. About halfway through the ride, he tossed his cookies. We’re not sure whether it was from anxiety, motion sickness, or some combination of the two, but directly afterward he curled up and slept for the rest of the car ride, and he hasn’t been sick since.

He is adjusting to life in our home and learning the motions quickly. He has loved his crate from day one. We’ve had a few accidents, but overall he is doing great with his potty training and has learned to let us know when he’s got to go. We are hoping he’ll also learn not to chew on us and our clothes soon–he has already chewed through his first toy! 😉 He has started to recognize his name and has learned “sit” and “look at me,” too. He’s great at taking new experiences in stride and is comfortable with his brush, harness, leash, and all the sights and sounds of the apartment. He really dislikes being left alone in his playpen, even when we are in the same room and within eyesight, but he’s slowly getting more independent each day. He started as a pretty picky eater but is now eating more and broadening his horizons.

It’s been so fun to watch him discover new parts of himself–his tail, his paws, his bark, his bite–and to watch him develop a personality! He is a fearless jumper, an excellent soccer goalie, and a very active, twitchy dreamer. (He often makes sucking motions with his mouth and little yipping sounds in his sleep, so we think he’s dreaming about nursing and being around his mama and littermates.) And he is so, so sweet and likes to sleep on our feet or laps and to gaze into our eyes when we hold him. We think he likes us!

We are so happy with him and just want to thank you for all you did to make the first eight weeks of his life happy and healthy. We are thrilled to have such a rambunctious and affectionate new buddy! Some photos are attached.

We didn’t manage to get him a vet appointment within three days; a lot of the clinics in San Francisco are not running at regular capacity right now and we had trouble finding an appointment in time. But his first appointment is scheduled for next week so he will get the care he needs soon. We understand this disqualifies us from the health guarantee.

Thanks again, Yolanda, and have a great weekend! Best, K. and F.


Thought you might like to see how she grew.  Thank you for our little girl.


Hi Yolanda,
trixie-viewThis is Tony. I bought Dara, now Trixie, from you about a month ago. I just wanted you to know that she is doing great. She is the talk of the neighborhood I can’t walk for more than 20 seconds without being stopped and everybody seems to know her name. I’ve been bringing her to my local bar since day 1 so she can get heavily socialized. She is a celebrity at Minx Bar and loves everybody she meets.

I put her in a cute pet contest. If you have a few seconds could you send her a vote please. I’ve been asking all my friends to vote and post the voting link on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I wanted to ask when the upcoming litters of puppies will be ready to see. Everybody wants a mini dachshund in my neighborhood now after meeting Trixie. My friends are recently married and looking to get a dog and asked me to drive them up to your place so they could see the new litters. I’m not sure how soon after being born they can have visitors so if you could send me a date I can plan the trip with my friends.

There’s a girl who I met who goes to the same bar as me and she had a dog that looked just like Trix but a little bigger. After talking to her for a while we realized that they were both from you. And, my girlfriend ran into a mini doxie in the financial district a couple weeks ago whose mini doxie was from you too. You’re popular here in SF.

Anyway, I can go on forever about her so I’m going to cut it off here. I just wanted to give you and update and ask about the upcoming litters for my friends. Best, Tony


Hi Yolanda,

Just a note to let you know how happy we are with Lily. She is the sweetest, smartest puppy EVER. Everyone who sees her falls in love. She was potty trained the first week on the Pet Park! Her ‘pack’ loves her and even the golden retriever plays tug of war with her. She is healthy and happy and wonderful. Thank you SO much! smiles, Jo


We love Leeto. We plan to keep calling him Leeto. He’s sooooo cute. We love him.

Thank you for such great puppy! Joyce


Hi Yolanda,

Just wanted to write you a quick email to let you know how little Luc, his new name now ;), is doing. He’s adjusting really well to my apartment and is doing really well at work. Everyone who meets him just melts and is completely in love with him. He’s doing really well with potty training and also being transported in his carrier. He just slept alone last night in his bed for the first time since we brought him home and was quiet through the night. He let me know when he had to potty, but would hop back in his bed and go back to sleep. He is very loved and I’m so happy we got him. I just wanted to say thank you for your help and advice and I will definitely hand out your cards to prospective mini dachshund owners. Yours truly, Josie


Hello again,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help the past couple of months with Jackie. My mom is thrilled and absolutely adores her. I got a chance to meet her after they left your place yesterday and was surprised at how beautiful and well-behaved she was. It has been a pleasure working through this with you the past couple of months and it could not have been any easier. If there is anything I can help you with in the future I am happy to and will gladly refer anyone to you if they are interested in getting a puppy.
Thank you again and all my best, Aaron


Dear Yolanda,
Just wanted to let you know that Oscar and Bentley are doing great. They are very healthy and happy puppies. Getting neutered tomorrow though – poor guys. Here is a picture of them at 15 weeks. Oscar was the smaller of the two and he is on the left. They are bringing much joy into our lives.



Hello Yolanda,
I have been meaning to send you a picture of the boys. We named them Frankie & Larry. They go to work with me everyday. They have become the Senior mascots. It’s almost impossible for me to get my work done sometimes. All my seniors have to see the puppies before they can do anything else. They have had there pictures in the paper twice already, & at least mentioned twice a month. We just adore them. They have brought laughter & happiness back into our lives.
Thank you so much for everything.



Hi Yolanda
Just wanted to share a picture of Lexxi ,now 1 yr and 4 months. She is doing great. She is a good little girl. I was checking out your web site and one of your new babies looks just like she did when she was a baby. She loves to be outside, loves her blankies,and loves to give lots of kisses. And really is the queen of this house. Jerie and Lexxi.



Hi Yolanda,

tamis-new-home-2Coco, aka Tami, is doing great!  She is such a sweet girl with a great temperament.  We just love her!  She seems to be adjusting to her new life very well.  I took her to the vet this morning and everything looks great.

Coco is sleeping in her crate at night and only getting up once to go outside.  So far, “accidents” have been very minimal and she is using the Rascal mat while we are out.  What a princess!  We couldn’t be happier with her!

We will definately send pictures as she gets older.

Thanks for everything.



raimy-lola-viewI wanted to send you a picture of our beautiful Lola (Raimy). She is a little over 9 months old and we just adore her. She has such a great little personality. She just loves everybody, especially our 16 month old kitty cat. They are hysterical to watch play. They both chase each other back and forth. So funny.
She is also wonderful to travel with. I have attached a picture of her with my husband and I in Half Moon Bay. Last month we took her, our 9 year old pug and 10 year old daughter to capitola for a week. She was great, especially in the car.
She walks with me every morning 4miles and certainly has no problem keeping up. Best of all we get so many compliments on what a beautiful dog she is and how beautiful her marking are. We are so proud.
We just love her and when we are ready to add another addition to our family we will definitely be calling.
Thank you for allowing us to make her a brand new addition to our family.
Amy, Pat and Addison


Hi Yolanda,
Our puppy is wonderful!  He gets along with Sofi really well!  He is so beautiful.  We are so in love with him already.  THANK YOU so much!

Julie has decided to name him “Cooper”.

best regards from Beverly, Taylor and Julie



Here are a few pics of “Ryder” now named Oscar. He is amazing and we love him very much. He is an awesome puppy. He loves to play with my moms German Shepherds.

My vet is absolutely amazed with how beautiful he is to the point of asking me where I got him from…

Long story short, I am very happy and he is a great dog!




Pretty sure he loves me :-). He is doing great & his 1st doctor visit went well.

Thanks for my sweet boy, Debbie



Hi Yolanda, just wanted to thank you for my little puppy. He is such a doll, we named him Oliver. He has just been such a little lover ever since the first day we brought him home, he is my little cuddle buddy. He still sleeps with the blanket you gave us. I take him for walks in the park every morning and he loves to meet new dogs and play with kids. We get so many compliments on his temperament and coloring. He likes to run through his tunnel and bug his big brother Felix (the cat). He makes us laugh all the time! Thanks again, Tiffany & Mike

a-bejay-5-view a-bejay-1-view a-bejay-2-view a-bejay-3-view a-bejay-4-view


Bly is now living in New York.

Bly arrived very clean and very energetic. He is the most loving, funny, beautiful puppy I’ve ever seen and I can’t thank you enough for him.
I will make sure to let you know how he is doing.  Again thank you for the wonderful puppy!!  Corey R.



Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful puppy! Fishin Buddy is doing great. I took him to the vet yesterday and he received shots and they gave him a clean bill of health.
He is coming out of his shell and is super playful and happy. We are so thrilled with him. I will send you some pictures soon.

Melissa (and Zach)


Hi grandma!

isi-aka-jaxonI am safe & sound at my new home! I love my new family and I know they really love me!

My new big brother is a chocolate lab, Sam. He is very protective of me and I know he will watch over me.
Jenna, my new Sister, is not sure about me yet but there is no way she can’t help but love me too!

I am laying in my new bed next to the fire. I ate almost all of my dinner and i pooped outside already.

Say hi to the gang for me! Thank u soo much for my new family!! I’m soo happy!!



Hi Yolanda,

hadley-aka-atomI just wanted to let you know that my boyfriend and I are thrilled with Hadley.  (His new name is Atom, my boyfriend is an engineer, lol.)  He is so sweet and his personality has really come out – he loves to play!  I love him so much!  The best compliment to you is that I took him to the vet last week for his puppy check-up and the vet said that, “I got a good one” and he would have purchased this dog.  He then said that he doesn’t tell everyone that – which I believe.  I wanted to pass that along to you as a testament to your dog breeding skills :).  Thanks again!

Kristen E.


This is an updated photo of dagny she will 10 months in couple days shes growing up so fast. Love Derrick and Erica.



Hi Yolanda!

Just wanted to give you a little update. Stella (Tarah) is such a great new addition to our family. She is full of energy and such a lovebug.
We are having fun with our new little family member, and we are looking forward to many great years ahead 🙂

I thought you’d like to see this picture we took for halloween. Have a good one, hope all is well with you!

Jessica G.


trixie_twinpeaks  trixie_cafe

Hi Yolanda,

Happy Halloween! I wanted to let you know that Trixie (formerly Dara) is doing fantastic. I hope her parents Sunny D and Daisy are also doing well, and the rest of the crew 🙂

She has topped out at 8.2 lbs and still acts like a puppy even though she’s only a month away from being 2 years old.
We still get stopped at least a couple dozen times a day by strangers who want to say hi to her or take photos or just talk about how magnificent her markings are.
People are always asking me where I got her and I always send them your way.

Here’s a couple photos of her at twin peaks with the city behind her and at our local cafe. She stands in the window looking super cute until the owner brings her out little pieces of turkey.
This happens on a daily basis. It’s the only place where she gets a taste of people food so it’s hands down her favorite place in the city 🙂

Hope all is well!


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